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When you drive around Clinton, do you ever get jealous of the brand new cars you see that are packed with the latest driving technology, and entertainment features? Maybe it's been a solid five to 10 years since you've felt proud about your own vehicle. Good news! Clinton Nissan has the remedy: lease a new Nissan.

Why should you consider leasing? First, the financial reasons: you don't pay the full amount of your Nissan! You only pay for the lease term (usually two or three years), and your monthly payments are usually lower than with a loan. When your lease comes to an end, trading in is easy.

Here's the best part: a lease keeps you in the driver's seat of the newest Nissan! That's right, you can upgrade to the latest model, packed with cutting edge technology and features every time you sign a new lease.

The Finance Center here at Clinton Nissan will help you work out the details, and find the right lease option for your budget and lifestyle. But first, peruse our selection of new Nissan vehicles, and picture yourself cruising the Davenport, Moline, Bettendorf, and East Moline roads in a vehicle you'll love.

We look forward to serving you!

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